ORBIT (ORganization of Bukharees for Islamic Triumph) is formed on the foundation of bringing forth a generation which is linguistically, technologically and scholastically compatible enough to defend the allegations against Islam, to expose the blanket of misconceptions deliberately put on it and to wind the fragrance of its purifying teachings to all who have an internal call to enlighten the blackness of their soul.

It is relieving to note that the intensive training program consisting of nine years at Bukhari Da’wa College well equips the students to come out with Master of Arts in English offered by the recognized university and the postgraduate degree in Islamic theology. It is no exaggeration to say that this long years of rigorous character molding and intellectual shaping make them sharp edged both materially and spiritually to tackle the multidimensional challenges that Islam faces across the globe.

The minds behind Bukhari are overwhelming with a sense of contentment and fulfillment when they see ORBIT (The association of the Alumni of Bukhari Da’wa College) engaged in a flurry of Islamic activities in and out the country adapting themselves to the needs of the hour.



Present ORBIT committee
Chairman : Farooq Bukhari
Vice Chariman: Sayyid Shahul Hameed Bukhari
CK Rashid Bukhari
CP Shafeeq bukhari
Director General: Muhyidheen Bukhari
Directors: Basheer Bukhari Kottappuram
Moosa Bukhari
Nisamudheen Bukhari
Treasurer Shoukath Bukhari
Finance Secretary Rasheed Bukhari Puliyakkode
Executive members NKA Majeed Bukhari
Rafeeq Bukhari Mamabaram
Abdulla Bukhari
Abid Bukahri ozhukur
Faizal Bukhari