Fath-hul Mueen Translation

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    I realized that there is no god but Allah, an oath that admits us to the perpetual home. And I realized that indeed our great leader prophet (peace be upon him) is his servant and messenger and proprietor of blessed degree. Allah may give peace and protection upon him and his families and his most glorious companion, protection and a benediction by which I will succeed on the day of resurrection.After beginning of these, this is beneficial elucidation on my writing named (Qurrath-al-Ain be Muhimmath dheen (consolation for eye by glories of religion)) which explains all purpose, completes the benefaction, possesses the intention and reveals the benefit. I named this elucidation as (Fathul-Mueen). I prayed the eminent and the benefactor Almighty Allah to pervade the benefaction of this elucidation for chief persons and common folks from our fellow believers, and I prayed to dwell in a paradise which is a home of safety by this. Indeed he is more distinguished, noble, merciful and more compassionate.

    And ‘Al ism’ is taken from the word ‘su-mu-v’,that is high, not from ‘va-sm’, that is symbol or an emblem. ‘Allah’ is the name of essence or mass which is compelled to exist. Its base is ‘Ilah’. It is a collective noun for whole the worshipped. Then it was made definite by ‘AL’ and omitted the letter ‘Hamza’. Then it was used for the real worshipped. That is a great name in the view of many scholars. It is prohibited that other than Allah is to be named, even for prohibition (negation). Rahman and Raheem are two qualities which are taken from ‘Rahima’ for exaggeration. And Rahman is greater than Raheem , because the numbers of the words inform the multiplicity of the meaning and because of their saying “the merciful of here and hereafter world and compassionate of the last world”.

    All praise is to Almighty Allah, who informed us to this writing. If Allah did not inform us to this writing we are not at all informed.

    Hamd is a quality of beauty. And swalath, that is a benediction of Allah related to the greatness and salam gaudiness from every flow and trouble is on our great leader Muhammad (peace be upon him) messenger of Allah, to all race, jinn and ins unanimously as well as to angles according to the cluster of recognized scholars. Muhammad Is a noun transferred from multiple participles. It is placed for a man whose praise worthy behavior is increased.

    Our prophet (peace be upon him)is named with it with the inspiration of Allah to his grand father. The messenger, from the mankind, is male and free, inspired to him with the new regulations and is commanded to transmit it whether he had no the holy book or transcription like Yushah (a.s) and if one is not commanded to transmit, he is prophet. The messenger is better than prophet, unanimously. It is true the Hadith that the number of the prophets are one lakh and twenty four thousands and another Hadith that the number of the messengers are three hundreds and fifteen.

    And salam is , relatives from the believers, from the children of Hashim and Muthalib. It is told that they are all believers. It is selected for there was a weak Hadith in this matter. Navavi imam (r) asserted with it in the exposition of Muslim(Sharah Muslim).

    And salam is . That is plural noun for companion(swahib) for the meaning of companion. The companion means one who gathered as a believer with our prophet (peace be upon him)whether he is blind or matured, and , exalted, and (it is) quality to whom mentioned above.

    After the beginning, that means after what is mentioned from Bismi, Hamd, Swalath and Salam on those who are mentioned above, this (the composition which presented in the mind) is a summary; words brimmed with meanings in Fikh.

    It is literally comprehension and technically, It is a knowledge of religious regulations, practices, prescribed from the analytic evidences. And its procure is from the Kithab, Sunnath, Ijma-a and qi-as. The benefit from this is to obey the commands of Allah and to avoid the prohibitions of him. On the way of Imam, the mujthahid (a legist formulating independent decisions in legal or theological matters), Abi Abdullah Muhammad s/o Idreesu Shafiee (r.a) and on a way of that he proceeded of regulations. Idrees is his father, who is s/o Abbas s/o Usman s/o Shafiee s/o Sahib s/o Abeed s/o Abdu Yazeed s/o Hashim s/o Muthalib s/o Abdu Manaf. And Shafiee is one to whom the Imam is named after. And Shafih and his father, Sahib embraced Islam on the day of Badar. Our great leader (r.a) was born on Hijra 150 and his demise was in rajab on Hijra 204.

    I named it as Qurrathul-ain with explaining important laws of the religion which I chose and this explanation is from reliable works of our chieftains (sheikh) Shihabuddeen Ahmad bin Hajarulhaitamy (r.a) who is the last among the Mohaqqiqeen and Abdurrahman bin Ziyad (r.a) who is the gifted in the religion and the remnant of Mujtahids and (the works) of two chieftains Shaikhul islam almujaddid Zakariyal Ansaryy and honorable Imam Ahmad Almuzajjad (r.a).And of others among later examiners, depending upon what is assured by both the scholars of our school (madhab), Navavi (r.a) and Rafiyi (r.a) and then by Navavi (whenever dissimilarities arise between either of them) and then after by the later examiners (r.a) with hoping from our deity gracious for it being the help of those who are intelligent. And being my eyes to be delighted by this tomorrow, hereafter, by the cause of looking to his generous face from dawn to dusk – Ameen !




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