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Exposing Deviant Sects

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    Islam is complete and perfect ; with no need of innovations or subtractions nor modifications .

    History and Experience have proven that those who have adopted a way of using their own intellect instead of the pure way of following the Qur’aan and Sunnah through the understanding of the As-Salaf as-Saalih (The Pious Predecessors) have deviated. And not only did they misguide themselves but they became the cause of abasement of many others and after blackening their records of deeds they departed from this world.

    So how can one identify the innovators and their innovations? Do we all have to be scholars? The answer is NO, as the answer is quite clear:

    “Whoever introduces in this Sharee`ah of ours what is not from it [in another narration: “in it”], then it is rejected.”-Hadith Shareef.

    Some of the deviant sects;

    The Mushabbihah (or Mujassimah) :

    A mushabbihah is one who performs tashbeeh: Those who declare that Allaah is like His creation and that the Attributes of Allaah are like the attributes of the creation. They are referred to as Anthropomorphists in English.


    The Jahmiyyah :

    A Jahmee is one who denies Allaah’s attributes. This is Kufr. The correct belief with regard to the attributes of Allaah is the belief of As-Salaaf as-Saalih of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah. That is: We have faith in all of Allaah’s attributes and we affirm both the textual wording (in the Qur’aan & Hadeeth) and we affirm the meanings:

    – Without Ta’teel i.e. denying them or their meanings
    – Without Tahreef i.e. interpreting them and changing their meanings
    – Without Ta’weel i.e. distortive interpretation
    – Without Takyeef i.e. explaining how they are
    – Without Tamtheel i.e. likening them to those of the creation (Like the Mushabbihah)

    They (the jahmiyyah) also declare that the Qur’aan is created.
    The correct belief is that the Qur’aan is NOT created; it is the speech of Allaah.


    The Naasibee :

    One who has hatred towards ‘Alee (radhiyaAllaahu ‘anhu) and the family of the Prophet (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam).


    The Raafidees :

    Extreme shee’ah, who call themselves ithnaa ash’ariyyah (The Twelvers) or Ja’farees. They have deviated into Kufr in so many ways:
    – They claim the Qur’aan is incomplete.
    – They hold that their Imaams have a higher status than all humans even the prophets.
    – They curse the companions and the wives of the Prophet (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam); except 6-7 companions.
    They declare their ‘Imams’ are God. [As found in their book (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. 2, Page No. 85]
    – They ally with the Disbelievers, Hypocrites, Jews, Christians, the Pagans, and the various factions of the Malaahidah (Disbelieving Heretics) such as the Nusayriyyah, the Ismaa`eeliyyah and others from astray ones
    – They say, “Our religion is taqiyyah (deception)”!! And this is that one of them says with his tongue what is other than what is in his heart,
    This is lying and hypocrisy…


    The Khawaarij :

    -Those who show disobedience [rebel and fight] against the Muslim rulers.
    -They make takfeer (render someone a kaafir) of anyone who commits a major sin; and claim that he will forever abide in the Fire of Hell.
    – They are known for Making permissible the blood of the Muslims.
    This is the manhaj of the Khawaarij, and even if a person believed it in his heart and did not speak (with any of it) or did not act out any of it, he would still become a Khaarijee in his belief and opinion, which he did not express openly.


    The Mu’tazilah :

    -They believe in Ta’teel (denying / negating Allaah’s attributes). And they call this tawheed !!
    -They also declare that the Qur’aan is created.
    -They also share the beliefs of the khawaarij in : Rebellion and fighting against the Muslim rulers and hold it to be correct.
    -They hold that the Muslims guilty of major sins are in a position between belief and disbelief and that they are destined to be in hell forever. – They deny the punishment of the grave , and the descending of ‘Isa ibn Maryam [to come and kill the dajjal]


    The Jabariyyah (or Mujbirah) :

    The Jabariyyah hold that people have no free will, and are not responsible for their actions, rather they are forced!


    The Qadariyyah :

    They deny Allaah’s Pre-Decree (Qadar) ; and believe that man creates his own actions that are outside the Will and Power of Allaah !


    The Wahhabis or Salafis  :

    The founder of this sect was  Muhammad  ibn Abdal Wahhab (d.  1206 AH), from the Najd area of ‘Saudi’ Arabia.  He is also known as Shaykh  an-Najdi by his opponents and his  followers have been  labelled as either  ‘Najdi’s’  or  ‘Wahhabi’s’  by the Ahl al-Sunnah.  He  claimed  to be a Hanbali  in Fiqh.  It is well  known that he fully  digested  the aqeedah and ideas of Ibn  Taymiyya.  The scholars  of his time  warned the  Muslims to be on their  guard from accepting his  ‘reformatory’  ideas; and this work is still  existent among  the  scholars  of the  Ahl  al-Sunnah  even  today.  The  neo- ‘Salafi’s’  of  today  respect  Ibn  Abdal  Wahhab  quite  highly  by bestowing  upon him such great  titles like ‘Shaykh  al-Islam’.


    The Murji’ah :

    The Murji’ah are a sect who uphold the belief of Irjaa’ i.e. to hold that sins major or minor, do not affect Eemaan (faith) , and that Eemaan (faith) neither increases nor decreases. They claim that actions are not part of faith, that people do not vary in faith, that faith does not increase or decrease and that one should declare himself a Believer without saying, InshaAllaah [If Allaah wills].

    The Murji’ah are divided into four groups :

    (i) Those who say that Eemaan (faith) is merely knowledge (ma’rifah), even if this is not accompanied by testification (tasdeeq).
    This is the statement of the Jahmiyyah.

    (ii) Those who claim that Eemaan (faith) is a testification / condition of the heart only.
    This is the statement of the Ashaa’irah (the Ash’arees).

    (iii) Those who claim that Eemaan (faith) is merely verbal affirmation even if the person does not truly believe in his heart.
    This is the statement of the Karaamiyyah.

    (iv) Those who claim / say that eemaan is belief (i’tiqaad) in the heart and statement upon the tongue, but action does not enter into it. [ they are the lightest of the groups in terms of irjaa’ ]
    This is the statement of the Murji’ah al-Fuqahaa and this is a statement that is also incorrect since there is no eemaan without action.

    The correct understanding / belief is : Eemaan (faith) is belief of the heart , statement/testification of the tongue , and action of the limbs . It increases with obedience to Allaah , and decreases with disobedience/sinning.


    The Fake Sufees :

    They have many offshoots e.g. deobandis , Haqqani,teejaneeyah , numerous tareeqahs(groups) . Some of their deviant/corrupt ideologies:

    Sufism is very much a part of the Religion of Islam. Indeed, the leader of all the Sufis was Prophet Muhammad, who was sent by Allah to teach the people the matters which, if performed and practiced in the proper way, would lead to their success in this life and in the Hereafter. Unfortunately, many things which are in fact contradictory to the teachings of the Prophet are today labeled Sufism. There are some, who under the guise of being Sufis, spread falsehood and misguidance and dare to label it Sufism. On the other hand, there are groups, like the Wahhabis and those who follow them, who categorically deny Sufism and claim it is not even a part of the Religion.

    Bearing in mind that Sufism is the methodology implemented by the true Sufis following the example of Prophet Muhammad, let us expound on what we have named “claimed-Sufism.” Be warned against the “Sufi-claimers,” for there are many people today who claim to be Sufis yet do not have a drop of piety in them. They are dangerous people who delude others into following their misguidance by their false appearance of piety. They exaggerate to give the appearance of being humble, and their superficial efforts are to lower their heads and their gaze and to close their eyes whenever they say statements to remember Allah (dhikr). They worry about appearances and settle for using the dhikr-beads. For all their concern about their appearance, these “Sufi-claimers” are a people who did not learn the Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion. As a result of their ignorance, they do not follow the Messenger of Allah in what is lawful nor do they avoid what is unlawful. Rather, they follow their own desires and that which the devil embellishes for them. They are liars and false-claimers and are drowning in their own ignorance.

    Those “Sufi-claimers” claim to love the Prophet, when really they belie him and oppose him. Their hearts are attached to the love for leadership, power, and recognition. They want fame, titles, money, and other than that among the worldly matters. They try to camouflage their true goals by appearing sincere and humble. However, they misinterpret the matters of the Religion to suit their own desires and as a result, they pervert these rules and are drawn into sinning. They breach the laws of the sound circles of remembering Allah, and falsify the sound rules of followship under the tariqah. When they get in circles to remember Allah, they pervert His name and say, ” Ah, Ah,” instead of saying, “Allah, Allah.” In their circles, they move their bodies in unlawful motions, similar to the dance of the enormous sinners, ignoring it is forbidden in the Religion to dance in that manner.


    Jamaa’at-ut-Tableegh :

    They have strong influences from the sufis and share the beliefs of kufr and bid’ah as shown in their main book; Fadhaail-ul-A’maal. Some of their beliefs are:

    – They endorse and practice grave worship
    – The Messenger of Allaah(sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) is “Haadhir wa Naadhir” i.e. he is present everywhere and helps his loved ones during times of distress.
    – They believe in the obligation of giving bay’ah (pledge) to their ‘shaykhs’ (mawlanas)
    – They introduced new method of giving da’wah (khurooj) : going out for 3 – 40 days .


    The Ikhwaan-al-Muslimoon :

    – They remain silent and concede to the people in their performance of major Shirk, supplication to other than Allaah, performance of tawwaaf around graves, making oaths to the dead in the graves, sacrificing in their names and so on.
    – The founder of this methodology(Hasan al-Banna) was a Sufi. He had a connection with Sufism to the point that he gave bay’ah (oath of allegiance) to ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Khusaafee upon (following) his Khusaafee Shadhilee (Sufi) order.
    – The presence of innovations amongst them and their worshipping Allaah through them – even to the point that the founder of this methodology acknowledged that the Prophet (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) would attend their gatherings of dhikr and that he (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) would forgive what past sins they had committed !!
    – They hate and despise the people of Tawheed and those who adhere to the Salafee Way.
    -They are strongly into the beliefs of the khawaarij thus : they encourage suicide activities and killing of innocent people ; in the name of jihaad.


    Hizb-ut-Tahreer :

    -Originally a part of ikhwaan-ul muslimeen.
    – They have the mu’tazilite belief of denying punishment of the grave.
    -they reject that the Dajjaal will be brought forth.
    -They call to work with shee’ahs and other innovators.
    – they call for establishment of the khilaafah and neglect the fundamentals i.e. establishing tawheed and the methodology of the Prophets.


    The Suroorees :

    – They attack the rulers and speak about them in a manner that results in evil, corruption and danger.
    It appears that they declare the leaders to be disbelievers, but this can only be understood by way of their circumstances and actions and cannot be picked up from their words. This is since the path they take is the path of the Khawaarij or close to it, knowing that the religious texts state the obligation of hearing and obeying the rulers.
    – They revile and accuse and attack the scholars who are upon the methodology of Salafuswaliheen.


    The Qutubees :

    Sayyid Qutb was not from the men of religious knowledge. His original status was that he was an author. Then he adopted the beliefs of the Ash’arees – the belief of ta’weel (misinterpretation of Allaah’s Attributes). He had the belief that the Qur’aan is created and has serious and vile errors, which the people of knowledge have refuted and exposed. But when they expose these errors, this results in the rage of the Qutubees befalling them by way of their criticizing, speaking ill and discrediting them.


    Moududis /Jamate Islami:

    Religious Belief of the Deviant Group named as “Maudoodi” Group or in short Jamat-e-Islami and their real ideology, Remember this is also a political party pretended to be Islamic but  their real face should be exposed.

    some of their beliefs caught from Moududi’s texts

    Moosa (alehisalam) was an Impoverished Monk
    Younus (aleihsalam) has deficiancy in the Duty of Risalat (Prophethood message)
    Everybeing is bondman(slave) of Allah Just like whether he is a Prophet or a Satan!
    Sin of Moses!
    Prophet cannot be always in Higher Status! (naozubillah)
    Descisions of the Prophets Were Wrong
    Prophet, an illiterate shephered!
    Prophets sometimes face the danger of devilish prurience!
    Prophets can not able to combat (Or cured) the Satan!
    Prophet (sal-Allahu alehiwasalam) Knows Nothing!
    Nabi alehisalam was not aware of Solution of Iman
    Hazoor(alehisalam’s) Anxiety was not correct!
    Mohammad! Leader of the Islamic movement!
    Knowledge of the Prophet, Before the Prophethood is just like Ordinary Human Knowledge!

    Shirk Committed by Ibrahim (alehisalam) (Naoozubillah min zalik)
    The Actions (Verbal/or acted upons) of Sahaba (alehumaridwan) is not a Shariya Hujjat! (Means argumentum)
    No,one else is criterion of truth other than Rasool! Prophet
    No Mujadid (higher Jurist) is Worthful in the Ummah!
    Ordinary Sahaba was not Muslims even in the Prophetic Era!
    The Translated Quran is empty from the Soul of the Quran!
    We do not need any Exegesis of Quran!
    The Knowledge of Quran should not be based upon the old scriptures written!


    Braylwiyyah :

    Deeply rooted in Sufi ideology and practices like :
    – belief that the Messenger (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) is alive
    – offering salaah at the graves of their saints
    – they gather after salaatul-jumu’ah reciting anasheed with the belief that the Messenger (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) is present with them.


    Takfeeris :

    -This is a term used to define : Any one who declares another msulim to be a kaafir on account of any sin committed.
    -They are those who declare the rulers and most scholars to be disbelievers .
    -They encourage the common folk to revolutions and bloodshed against the Muslim rulers ; this is against the Sharee’ah.


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